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Yamaha releases a teaser video of its upcoming MT range

Yamaha welcomes the dark side of Japan with its 2021 MT-09.

Yamaha MT Teaser

The Yamaha MT-09 has proven to be a sharp and aggressive streetfighter that’s enjoyed much of its success, thanks to its punchy inline-triple engine, and futuristic styling. Its smaller sibling, the MT-07 shares the same design cues, but with a smaller parallel-twin engine with a 270-degree crank, making a distinct exhaust note sounding like big-bore V-twins. Both these bikes are now due for an update and Yamaha has released its latest teaser video, without revealing much detail about the upcoming bikes.

Based on the teaser video, it looks like the MT-09 could be having a restyled front end. Its latest “Dark side of Japan” campaign video briefly shows for a few seconds a single front headlight flanked by angled LED strips that could also function as DRLs (Daytime Running Lights). If the front end of the bike will be seeing some changes, it’s highly likely that the rest of the bike would also be up for a similar revamp. It’s highly likely that this new design will also serve as a template for its upcoming MT-07 and MT-10 updates. 

Yamaha MT Teaser

Another image that flashes up on the video clip shows a piston floating up from a dark viscous fluid. This clip hints at the changes made to its engine’s internal components. Just last month, German KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) documents circulated among motorcycle publications revealing the MT-09 listed in its internal codename from MTN850 to MTN890, as among a list of Euro 5 compliant motorcycles to be released in 2021. This suggests that the MT-09 will get a bump in displacement from 847 ccs to 890 ccs. This allows its new engine to comply with stringent emissions standards without sacrificing power and performance. The bump in displacement would allow the engine to give an output of around 118 hp from its predecessor’s 114 hp. 

Yamaha MT Teaser

Thankfully, we wouldn’t have to wait too long until the MT-09 and the rest of the MT range will be introduced to the public. Yamaha has already explicitly said, “Get ready for the coming weeks,” which already indicates more than one announcement. With motorcycle manufacturers trying to up each other with their online motorcycle launches, the internet and social media has been blowing up with new motorcycles models. Our eyes are set on October 27 when the first reveal will occur. 

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