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Yamaha releases MotoGP versions of the R15M, MT-15, and Aerox 155 in India—Philippines next?

With these limited-edition Monster Energy models, you can ride in style while sporting your favorite MotoGP livery.

Yamaha YZF-R15M Monster Energy

MotoGP fans, this one's for you. There's a chance that  the 2022 Yamaha R15M and MT-15 in MotoGP-inspired liveries will be available in the local market soon, as they have already been released in India. The MotoGP Edition trim elevates the aesthetic standards when compared to the regular models, and makes authentic Yamaha MotoGP liveries accessible to the common folk.

Yamaha Monster Energy Models

The motorcycles have been painted black and have decals with graphics of the Yamaha and Monster Energy MotoGP racing teams on them. The latter is seen on the fuel tank, fuel tank shrouds, side panels, and headlight cowl. Nevertheless, the characteristics have not been changed. Both the R15M and the MT-15 are propelled by the same 155cc liquid-cooled engine, which produces 18.1 horsepower and 9.9 ft-lbs of torque. Even the feature set, braking system, and suspension from the lowest models have been retained. In the local market the Yamaha YZF-R15M retails for P189,500, while the MT-15 sells at P159,000, so expect to pay a bit of a premium when these MotoGP editions are released here. 

In addition to the R15M and the MT-15 V2, Yamaha India has also released the Aerox 155 and the RayZR 125 Monster Energy MotoGP Edition in India. The Aerox 155 is powered by a 155cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with 14.79 horsepower and 9.7 ft-lbs of torque. On the other hand, the Ray ZR125 MotoGP model has a 125cc air-cooled engine that generates 8.04 horsepower and 7.2 ft-lbs of torque.

Yamaha Monster Energy Models

Both Yamaha scooters have recently received aesthetic changes, exactly like the R15M and MT-15. The two have been painted black, and Monster Energy decals can be seen on both the front end and side panels. However, the Ray ZR125 Hybrid and Yamaha Aerox 155 continue to have the same feature specifications. Although the Aerox in Monster Energy trim has not yet been given a price for the Indian market, the sporty scooter can be purchased locally for as little as P120,700.

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