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Yamaha ramps up e-bike business and moves it to Europe

Yamaha zeros in on a greener market.

Yamaha E-Bike

Yamaha has been one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of e-bike powertrains. In the past, the business that they generated from the European market was managed remotely from their headquarters in Japan. Today, they are making a transition of coordinating the business through Yamaha Motor’s European headquarters in Amsterdam. They expect to complete the transition by the end of the year. 

Yamaha E-Bike

Yamaha has been quietly at the forefront of e-bike development for a couple of years now. As a matter of fact, they have been considered as the inventor of the e-bike. In Japan, Yamaha, together with competitors like Panasonic, moved to obtain legislation from the country to classify “pedal-assist” e-bikes as bicycles. This legislation was later adopted by European countries where today, an e-bike boom is currently happening.

Initially, Yamaha could have missed the ongoing emerging e-bike trend that’s been happening in the European market. They didn’t really think much of the boom and its potential for growth as they managed the business from their headquarters in Iwata, Japan, and invested rather a little late into it. It turned out that their timing wasn’t so bad after all. Now that they began the migration of the business to their headquarters in Amsterdam, business operations would now be closer to the market including drivetrain distribution, and parts supply to bicycle manufacturers. 

With a region that’s always been particular with their emission standards and pollution control, Yamaha’s investment into greener solutions should be seen as a welcome development by the European market. Yamaha looks forward to doing business and more proactive involvement with the industry. 

Independent bike dealers continue to address their inquiries to the bicycle manufacturer/brands. Naturally, bicycle manufacturers/brands will receive the usual professional backup from the Yamaha organization.

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