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Yamaha launches virtual Yamaha Beyond Campus tour

The company seeks to exhilarate passion and enrich lives in the process.

Yamaha Campus Tour

The global pandemic has forced all of us to get extra creative when it comes to adjusting to the new normal. Apart from being encouraged to stay home and practice social distancing, several establishments such as malls, churches, and schools were either shut down completely or forced to minimize their operations to accommodate the fewest number of people possible. Perhaps the education industry was hit the hardest, with the sudden shift to virtual learning naturally posing as a major challenge for students and teachers alike. 

That being said, this posed a challenge for Yamaha, which has been conducting its educational campus tour program for the past couple of years now. With this, to adjust to the new normal, Yamaha developed a fully digital version of the campus tour, with this year’s focus being on personal well being — both in mind and body. The Yamaha Beyond Campus tour’s tagline for this year’s virtual campus tour, “Health both in mind and body. A movement for an era of uncertainty”, is a testament to this. 

The 2020 edition of Yamaha’s campus tour has been developed specifically to be accessed online and streamed via a watch party both on the participating university and Yamaha’s Facebook pages. As mentioned above, this year's focus centers on personal well-being with presentations highlighting the importance of mental health — especially in these trying times. Yamaha cites the sudden environmental change as well as the increasing levels of pressure and isolation students experience due to the current circumstances, like variables that could potentially be detrimental to one’s mental health. 

At present, the Yamaha Beyond Campus program has been conducted at the National University (NU) and the University of the East (UE). Yamaha expresses its excitement for the continuation of the digital campus tour across various colleges and universities in the country. With the Yamaha Beyond Campus tour, the brand seeks to continue exhilarating passion and enriching lives across the country no matter the obstacles. 

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