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Would you like to see the new Aprilia SR Max 250 in the Philippines?

The new quarter-liter maxi-scooter has just been unveiled in China

Would you like to see the new Aprilia SR Max 250 in the Philippines?

Maxi-scooters have established themselves as a reliable alternative to full-size motorcycles and scooters, particularly for Filipino riders seeking convenience and fun in a compact package. In addition to offering somewhat greater functionality in terms of storage capacity and riding comfort than normal scooters, maxi-scooters combine the usability and accessibility of a scooter with the power and performance of a motorcycle. As a result, almost all manufacturers provide at least one 250cc–350cc maxi-scooter model.

The most recent of them is the new SR Max 250 HPE from Italian company Aprilia, which was first made available in China. The SR Max 250 appears to be based on a similar platform to that of Aprilia's previous scooters, but it was created to give additional functionality and comfort over longer distances. Performance-wise, the 244cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder Aprilia engine powers the SR Max 250. The SR Max 250's 25 horsepower and 16 ft-lbs of torque are more than enough for commuting inside the city and the occasional road trip to the countryside.

Aprilia SR Max 250

The SR Max 250 has a stylish fairing with angular appearance on the front and side panels, and it has maxi-scooter dimensions. The scooter has a sizable windscreen and a saddle that is more than big enough to accommodate two people in comfort. Two riding modes, Eco and Sport, a seven-inch TFT display in full color, and a basic traction control system make up the tech features. The front and rear disc brakes on the scooter are ABS-equipped, while the suspension is taken care of by a telescopic front fork and dual gas-charged shocks in the back.

The SR Max 250 was initially introduced by Aprilia only in China. Having said that, it is not implausible to think that the scooter would soon spread to other regions of Asia. The asking price from Aprilia is the equivalent of around P230,000, which is reasonable given the level of features the SR Max 250 offers. If Aprilia were to introduce the SR Max 250 in the Philippines, it would probably compete with Kymc's X-Town 300, the Yamaha XMAX, and maybe even some of the market occupied by SYM's scooter offerings.

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