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Would you like to see the Herald Brute 500 in the local market?

This stylish retro-style roadster boasts a lightweight chassis and packs a lot of punch.

Would you like to see the Herald Brute 500 in the local market?

Herald Motorcycles, based in Huntingdon, was established in 2010 and is a subsidiary of Encocam Engineering. They're known for a wide range of 125 and 250cc Chinese-made air-cooled single cylinder engines with vintage and scrambler looks developed by British designers.

The company's first British-inspired bike, the Brute Concept, was unveiled in 2018. According to the business, it is the first British-designed, developed, and built motorcycle. The Brute 500, the bike's manufacturing counterpart, has finally arrived in the United Kingdom. In 2022, it will be on the market for £6,950. The bike has a basic, classic-inspired design with its chopped tail section, upright handlebars, streamlined indicators, and round headlight. However, the bike is updated with an all-LED lighting system and a full-LCD instrument cluster.

Herald Brute 500

A 449cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, sourced from Chinese manufacturer Zongshen, is encased in a tubular steel frame of the Brute.  It has the same 449cc engine as the Fantic models. It does, however, have some astounding performance capabilities, including 43 horsepower. The Brute's very light weight makes things even better. It's light, weighing only 145 kilograms, so its power-to-weight ratio is great for an exciting ride.

Suspension is handled by an inverted front fork and a monoshock at the back. The Brute 500 has 17-inch wheels on both ends, which is standard for street motorcycles. Although the Brute's seat height is 835mm, its relatively narrow profile should make it easier to place your feet on the ground. It should be able to offer quite a bit of rage in between fill-ups with its 13.5-liter gasoline tank.

The lack of ABS on the bike is particularly intriguing, since it might indicate that it was built to fit a budget. This bike isn't for a first-time rider who likes to go crazy with the throttle, since its power-to-weight ratio can get you into trouble, especially in the rain. In its home country of the UK, the Herald Brute gets a price tag off £6,950 (about P440,000).

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