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Watch a Triumph Rocket 3 attempt the tablecloth trick

Unfortunately, it has no table manners.

Triumph Rocket 3

The Triumph Rocket 3, the brand’s most capable cruiser has made a lot of waves when it was first unveiled earlier this year. With a class-defining 2,483 cc inline-three engine, it’s pretty much the largest engine ever placed on a motorcycle. Even larger than a lot of cars if you think about it and with that engine, and 656 cc’s more than BMW’s latest “Big Boxer”, the R18. The Rocket 3 is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h at 2.73 seconds. It proved this by outrunning a McLaren 720s Supercar in the Cartagena track in Spain. 

Now, Triumph wanted to demonstrate the Rocket 3’s acceleration by performing a tablecloth trick. If it can beat a McLaren in a drag race, surely pulling out a table cloth from its proper setting shouldn’t really be a problem for the Rocket 3. Unfortunately, table manners are not something that the Rocket 3 comes with.

Triumph Rocket 3 Tablecloth Trick

In its latest promotional video, the Rocket 3 clearly demonstrates how quite a boisterous machine it could be when it comes to performing the tablecloth trick. After all, with a light clutch, a low center of gravity, and the ability to pull away in any of the first three gears with ease, clearly, the Rocket 3 is a highly versatile machine despite its brute size. However, it doesn’t bode well with the fancy Châteauneuf-du-Pape presented to it as it performed the tablecloth trick. It’s a riotous machine piece of machinery to ride, yet despite its size, it is still capable of taking around town for leisurely rides. See for yourself how the Triumph Rocket 3 faired against the infamous tablecloth trick —  a trick that was first attempted by a motorcycle 10 years ago. 

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