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Check out the new Triumph Rocket 3 Black Edition

A special colorway for a special bike

Check out the new Triumph Rocket 3 Black Edition

There are quite a few reasons as to why the Triumph Rocket 3 is considered by some to be the most badass production big bike in the world. Not only is it one of the largest-displacement motorcycles out there, it’s also one of the biggest, and most standout machines you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Powered by a gargantuan 2,458cc triple-cylinder engine, the Rocket 3 churns out an impressive 165 horsepower and 221 Nm of torque. That said, you’re sure to be the star of the show if you turn up to your destination onboard this beast.

Available in the local market in 2 variants, the Rocket 3 R comes at a price of P1,590,000, while the GT will set you back P1,650,000. The R variant boasts sleeker lines, and a more minimalist overall design, while the GT has been fitted with touring-friendly kit such as a windscreen and luggage compatibility. Now, as if these bikes weren’t menacing enough, Triumph has gone ahead and released Black Editions of both the R and GT variants of the Rocket 3. 

Check out the new Triumph Rocket 3 Black Edition

Even in standard form, the Rocket 3 already looks the part, however, the new Black Edition makes the bikes stand out even more. For starters, the R Black Edition gets a blacked-out gloss paint job. Particularly, the bike’s headlight bezel, radiator cowl, and tail section have all been coated in varying finishes of black. The GT Black Edition, on the other hand, gets an eye-catching color scheme finished in three subtle shades of black. Just like the R, the GT gets blacked-out elements, including its tall touring-specific windscreen. 

Triumph has announced that only 1,000 units of each of the Rocket 3 R Black Edition and GT Black Edition will be made available across the globe. That said, there’s no indication just yet as to whether or not we will be seeing these bikes in the Philippine market anytime soon. However, if they do set foot on local soil, expect them to fetch quite a premium on top of the already expensive Rocket 3 in standard trim.

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