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The Voge 500R has made its debut in the Philippine market

A worthy contender in the entry-level big bike market.

2021 Voge 500R

Eastworld Motor, the folks responsible for distributing the affordable motorcycle brand, Motorstar, have elevated their repertoire of motorcycles to finally include a big bike. The 500R, under Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Voge, has finally made its debut in the Philippine market. Priced at just P250,000, the Voge 500R seeks to dominate the affordable entry level big bike segment, where the CFMoto 400 NK currently reigns supreme. 

Now, at a glance, the Voge 500R is nearly P30,000 more expensive than the 400 NK. However, it does have a few things going for it. For starters, the Voge 500R is equipped with a 471cc parallel twin engine. This Honda clone is also the same mill that powers some of Bristol’s big bikes, namely the Venturi 500 and the Veloce 500. Pumping out an adequate 47 hp, this mill has some pretty decent engineering to back its affordable price point. Engine aside, the Voge 500R is equipped with a slew of name brand components from reputable OEMs such as KYB suspension, Nissin brakes, and Pirelli tires. 

2021 Voge 500R

Produced by Loncin in China, the Voge 500R features aggressive naked sportbike styling similar to that of its main competitors. With angular body panels and chiseled lines, this bike looks right at home sitting with the likes of more established big bikes in the market. However, just like any new entrant in the market, only time will tell if the Voge 500R has been built to stand the test of time.

Interestingly, a trip to Voge’s website reveals a number of other interesting models. The Chinese company also has a number of other motorcycles in its portfolio—machines ranging from street bikes, to sportbikes, and even an adventure touring model. That being said, is there a possibility that Eastworld Motor will be distributing these bikes in the Philippines in the not too distant future? We sure hope so.

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