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Vespa rolls out a very limited GTS Super Swiss Edition

The super limited Super Swiss Edition is limited to only 300 units in the world.

Vespa GTS Super Swiss Edition

Vespa has a reputation for some gorgeous-looking scooters. Recently, Vespa has been on a roll with its limited editions, and the Limited Vespa GTS Super Swiss Edition is yet another limited model. 

Vespa Super Swiss Edition

This particular model was brought to life by Vespa Switzerland and is limited to just 300 scooters. If you fancy one here in the Philippines, that could be tall ask because the edition is only available in Switzerland, and nowhere else. 

Vespa Super Swiss Edition

As for its specifications, the Vespa GTS can be motivated by multiple engines. Displacements range from 125cc all the way up to 300cc. The GTS Super comes in a special colorway called Grigio Materia, and cannot be found in the normal lineup of the Italian scooter maker. Also, Vespa Switzerland took it upon themselves to number every unit from 1 to 300 with a special plaque detailing whether it’s the first to last to leave the assembly line. 

Vespa Super Swiss Edition

Back to the engine, in its 125cc configuration, it has a single-cylinder engine that is capable of producing 14 hp, while the 300cc single-cylinder produces 23.8 hp. The bike rides on 12-inch tires and features ABS, and LED lighting front to back. Vespa was even kind enough to put a USB port for convenient phone charging while riding. Snazzier still is the bike finder that works via a remote control instead of a smartphone application. 

If you have the money and enough want, you could snag yourself a Vespa GTS Super Swiss Edition. Given how expensive it is to buy a Vespa in the first place, it’s no surprise that the 125 costs 5,745 Swiss Francs, and the GTS Super Swiss Edition 300 will set you back a whopping 6,545 Swiss Francs. That equates to over P300,000 Philippine Pesos for the 125 and over P350,000 Philippine Pesos for the 300cc model—shipping not included. 

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