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The Urbet Lora electric motorcycle enters production—seeks to revolutionize sporty urban mobility

Do you think this electric naked bike would make for a fun and practical commuter in the local market?

Urbet Lora Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are now extensively accessible on the international market. Although manufacturers have not yet fully incorporated electric motorcycles into the Philippine market, e-mobility is being quickly embraced in places like China, Taiwan, India, and some areas of Europe. Naturally, the bulk of electric two-wheelers made with daily commuters in mind are scooters. 

To serve the enthusiast market as well, a sizable number of firms have been working on sporty electric motorcycles. Urbet is a prime example of this. The Urbet Lora is everything you'd expect from a street-oriented electric naked bike. It was initially revealed in May 2022 as a design drawing. The Marbella, Spain-based business has previously offered cheap electric scooters built by Chinese manufacturers, notably the Nura and Ego. The Lora, which is obviously a completely new design, attempts to set itself apart from these affordable alternatives.

Urbet Lora Electric Motorcycle

The production-ready Lora undoubtedly has a very alluring appearance, and more information about the bike's capabilities and trim choices has now emerged. Performance-wise, the standard model Lora houses a battery and an electric motor inside the frame, much like the location of the engine on a regular motorbike. It has a continuous output of 5 kw, or around 6.7 horsepower, and a peak power rating of 11 kw, or 15 horsepower.

As you move up the ladder, the Lora S has an improved electric motor that gives it even more power. Peak power for the top-of-the-line model is predicted to be 19 kilowatt, or 25 horsepower. Regarding range, it is stated that the regular Lora can travel 120 kilometers on a single charge. The S, on the other hand, is said to have a range of 240 kilometers in Sport mode and an even more astounding 360 kilometers in Eco mode. Needless to say, range figures like this rival those of popular commuters in the local market such as the Yamaha NMAX and Honda Click.

All that being said, technology of this caliber on a sporty electric motorcycle like the Urbet Lora comes at a cost. It retails for the equivalent of P467,500, so it’ll certainly cost you big bike money. It’s not really surprising, though, as technology as fringe and novel as what the Lora brings to the table certainly commands a premium. The likelihood of a bike like this making its way to the Philippines anytime soon is pretty slim, but the company hopes to release the bike in Europe before the end of the year.

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