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Suzuki Philippines opens its biggest 3S shop in Bohol

Sales, Spare Parts, and Service, all in one location. Suzuki Talibon is now ready to serve.

Suzuki Talibon 3S Shop

The newest dealership to rise in the Suzuki Philippines network is located in Bohol and managed by the HMAC Motors Incorporated. The establishment marks the 11th dealership Between Suzuki Motorcycles Philippines, with SMDI, and the first 3S Shop with HMAC. 

HMAC Motors Incorporated is a subsidiary of SMDI, one of Suzuki’s long-term dealer partners, and also owns the largest Suzuki 3S shops in the country. 

Suzuki Talibon Bohol 3S Shop
Suzuki Talibon Bohol 3S Shop

Suzuki Talibon HMAC 3S Shop is the first with HMAC, and it was “definitely worth the wait” according to Mr. Akira Utsumi. After the pandemic hampered the establishment of the new shop in the Visayas region, all parties are glad to announce the opening of the branch for anything and everything related to Suzuki Motorcycles. 

“This shop is your one-stop store for anything Suzuki motorcycles – from scooters to semi-automatics or underbones to full-manual motorcycles or backbone to Spare Parts and After Sales Service, we have everything for you.”
Suzuki Talibon Bohol 3S Shop
Suzuki Talibon Bohol 3S Shop

The term “3S” stands for sales, Spare Parts, and Service. The brand is committed to providing customer satisfaction by offering motorcycles with tons of value, genuine Suzuki parts, and excellent service from competent personnel to assist customers with their motorcycle needs. 

Whether you’re shopping for any of Suzuki’s affordable scooters like the Burgman Street, or whether you’re looking for something more sporty like the Raider 150, Suzuki has all that and more for you and will keep you coming back. 

Suzuki Talibon Bohol 3S Shop
Suzuki Talibon Bohol 3S Shop
“Suzuki 3S Shops are accessible and have high visibility in good and safe conditions. All of these are packed in this store which is designed tastefully emanating Suzuki’s innovation. You are assured that our competent Suzuki Talibon HMAC 3S Shop Team will be with you along the way with their best service possible, couple this with the best motorcycle products from Suzuki.”

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