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PNP considers removing checkpoints around Metro Manila

In the interest of traffic.

Checkpoint PNP COVID-19

The Philippines National Police (PNP) is thinking of the removal of checkpoints in the Metro Manila area due to heavy traffic. Instead of stationing personnel at checkpoints, the organization could deploy units in other key areas and other projects. 

Many motorists have experienced heavy delays due to checkpoints on major highways and thoroughfares in the midst of the country’s Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) protocols. Travel through roads slow to a snail’s pace, and the PNP are adapting to reestablish traffic flow.

ECQ set in on August 6, 2021. Metro Manila will be under the strictest quarantine measure until August 20, 2021, due to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases due to the spread of the more infectious Delta variant of the respiratory virus. Following the implementation of ECQ, PNP units started stationing at border control points and implementing health and safety protocols. Under ECQ, non-authorized persons outside residence (APOR) are instructed to turn back from these checkpoints to limit the number of individuals exposed and on the road. Health and safety protocols are still in place, with the wearing of face masks 

In an interview with the PNP Chief General Guillermo Eleazar in a GMA News interview: “Kasi ‘yung checkpoint natin, we haveto accept talagang nagko-cause siya ng matinding trapiko, kaya nga nag-a-adjust tayo, ina-adapt natin iron mga random checking,”

The PNP accepts that the checkpoints are causing heavy traffic, so the organization is adjusting and have adapted to random checking, the statement translates. In the first few days of implementation, many motorists faced heavy traffic and stoppages due to these checkpoints that are strategically placed in entries and exits to and from the metro. 

Furthermore, it was also stated that police units may be reassigned to different areas like vaccinations sites and other social assistance assignments in lieu of manning a checkpoint. 

The PNP also stated that it will be stricter in ensuring that non-APORs will be sent back home.   

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