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One of the year’s biggest motorcycle shows, postponed and rescheduled because of NCOV-19

The much-awaited motorcycle festival and trade show is set to be rescheduled on July.

Motorcycle Show Cancelled

The country continues to suffer from the coronavirus (NCOV-19) situation and the motorcycle industry is no exception.  Manufacturing for some motorcycle brands has already halted abroad, motorcycle taxis have halted ride-hailing operations, and now, motorcycle shows scheduled in the Philippines have also been forced to postpone or cancel indefinitely.

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo said a total lockdown on Metro Manila was recommended to Duterte during the last IATF-EID meeting. Now, the Interagency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) has already imposed social distancing directives to combat and prevent the spread of NCOV-19 throughout the country.


With the impending total lockdown looming down the horizon of the rest of Luzon, public gatherings and social activities would now have to be totally restricted, among them, is this year’s InsideRACING Bike Festival and Trade Show. The show was initially scheduled to run From March 21 to March 23 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, located in Pasay City. The said event is a major annual motorcycle show which would allow the biggest brands in the motorcycle industry to show off their latest offerings. From scooters to naked bikes, cafe-racers to cruisers, supermotos to super sport bikes, motorcycles of all shapes and sizes would be on display for everyone’s enjoyment. Attendees would also get to see the latest offerings of motorcycle parts and accessories, apparel, safety gear, and many more. This would have been its fifth running year since 2016 when it was first held, where hundreds of motorcycle owners and enthusiasts would come and visit this much-awaited event and be given a chance to try and test the latest motorcycle offerings by the biggest names in the business.

Since the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte raised the alert level to Code Red Sublevel 2, the highest level for any infectious disease, the global pandemic caused by NCOV-19 has now forced this year’s InsideRACING Bike Festival and Trade Show to be postponed and rescheduled to run from the July 17 to 19, 2020. We could only hope and pray that by that time, the country, and the rest of the world would have already recovered, and finally defeated NCOV-19, so we could all go back to enjoying these sort of shows we all come to love.


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