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This is not a Kawasaki Z1000, it’s a Dayun Chi 302

Fake Kawi, anyone?

Dayun Chi 302 Naked Motorcycle

Dayun is a rather small company in China. The brand has quite a few models that are similar to the Honda TMX for commercial purposes, and a few low-displacement naked and sportbikes. Recently, the company kicked things up a notch with the launch of its Chi 302 naked streetfighter, but there’s a catch. 

It looks nearly identical to the Kawasaki Z1000R naked streetfighter. 

First of all, the headlight is very similar to the Japanese four-banger. It has two eyes that are slightly more angular than the Kawi, but the headlight assembly itself is a bit chubbier. The paint is also somewhat reminiscent of the newer crop of colors from Kawasaki. The cyan used could be mistaken as such, and there is also a green colorway that is available from Dayun. 

While the Z1000 enjoys screaming at the top of its rev range thanks to a flat-plane inline-four, the Dayun is a bit lacking to really compete with the Kawi. The name itself says it all, but the ‘302’ is a round-up from its actual displacement which sits at 285cc. However, it’s no single-cylinder thumper, rather it’s a parallel-twin engine which we assume features a bog-standard 180-degree crankshaft. It’s a rather similar setup to the Yamaha MT-03, minus all the Yamaha-ness, right? 

Dayun Chi 302 Naked Street Fighter

All that being said, it makes some decent power figures for a 300cc-class motorbike, with 28.8 hp, and 27 Nm of torque. Similarly, Dayun claims the bike can do 27 km/L, whether that figure was done on the highway or the city, is unknown, however. 

The fairings on the bike, are chunky. It looks like it was intentionally designed to give the impression that it is bigger than it really is. The tank has a capacity of 15 liters, and the bike even has some faux air intakes, which are a bit cheeky. Though a saving grace would be the dual disc brakes upfront and the inverted front forks. No mention of ABS on this model, however. 

It’s a China-only model, and a Philippine release is very unlikely. Dayun has no presence in the country, and even other media outlets treated the news more like a curiosity than an actual product launch. In fact, Dayun themselves have stated that the bike took a lot of inspiration from the Z1000 for this project. Either way, if you want a Dayun Chi 302, we’re pretty sure that there is a locally available alternative here in the Philippines, the problem is you’ll be dealing with a lot more power. 

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