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The new Suzuki Avenis could be perfect for the Philippines

Perfect, if and only if it makes its way here.

Suzuki Avenis India

Suzuki has some small-displacement scooters already, the biggest of which would be the Burgman Street 125, but there should still be some room for the lineup to grow right? At least in the 125cc space, Suzuki could use another model to perhaps go toe-to-toe with models like the Honda Click 125 and be the Yin to the Skydrive’s Yang. 

So the Avenis could make perfect sense for Suzuki’s lineup in the Philippines, right? A low-displacement and light scooter for city rides and beyond could be key to compete better in the market rife with options from other brands. 

Suzuki Avenis MotoGP Livery

The new model just got a launch in India and has more masculine colors in its lineup, ranging from black, red, white, high-visibility green, and Suzuki’s Ecstar livery. Specifically, the colors in the lineup include Metallic Matte Fibroin Gray/Metallic Lush Green, Pearl Blaze Orange/Glass Sparkle Black, Metallic Matte Black/Glass Sparkle Black, Pearl Mirage White/Metallic Matte Fibroid Grey, and the Triton Blue on the MotoGP-inspired livery.  

According to the launch, the scooter is advertised to be a scooter with sporty styling, practical amenities, a lightweight platform, and a fuel-efficient engine. Speaking of, the engine has a displacement of 125ccs, and it is also expected to be the same motor that powers the likes of the Skydrive and the Burgman Street, mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Expect about 8.5 hp from this little scoot and a decent serving of tech. 

Suzuki Avenis Color Lineup

It’s quite unexpected to see such a bike coming equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. It doesn’t have a sound system for you to pump out some tunes with, but the Smartphone pairing system allows you to access turn-by-turn navigation, text messages, and WhatsApp alerts. You can even receive incoming and missed call notifications.

In India, it retails for about the equivalent of P60,000, which is a great price all things considered. Other motorcycles of this displacement and category will cost you more money, that is if the Indian and Philippine price remains the same across both countries. That being said, Suzuki Philippines has yet to make noise about a new scooter for now. Perhaps they’re waiting just like us. 

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