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New Honda CBR150R Repsol Edition launched in Malaysia—Philippines next?

Honda’s entry-level sportbike has received the Repsol treatment once again.

2022 Honda CBR150R Repsol Edition

Malaysia has launched the new Honda CBR150R Repsol Edition, which costs around P166,000 there. The rest of Asia, including the Philippines, is anticipated to shortly follow Malaysia in putting the new entry-level sportbike with race-replica livery on the market. The new CBR150R looks extremely athletic and unmistakably inherited some of the DNA of the CBR1000RR-R thanks to the MotoGP-inspired color scheme.

The CBR150R Repsol Edition jumps out right away because of its distinctive color scheme, which has drawn inspiration from Honda's MotoGP bike. As a result, its body is orange with red highlights, and the side and front panels have the Repsol insignia. Orange paint is also used to decorate the wheels. That said,  the fact that it's a limited-production model just adds to its attractiveness. Due to the fact that just 800 of the CBR150R Repsol Edition models will be made available in Malaysia, it will be a highly sought-after motorcycle for anybody looking for a sporty yet practical daily commuter.

2022 Honda CBR150R Repsol Edition
2022 Honda CBR150R Repsol Edition

The motorcycle remains almost unchanged, but for its distinctive livery and limited production run. This variant utilizes the same 149cc engine as the standard CBR150R. It has a single cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine that makes 16.3 horsepower. The Yamaha YZF-R15, one of the most well-liked entry-level sportbikes in the Philippines, performs somewhat better with 19 horsepower on tap. However, this positions the CBR150R squarely in the performance class of entry-level sportbikes, and now that it has a design influenced by MotoGP, it will definitely be appreciated by racing aficionados.

The Honda CBR150R flaunts high-end components that, in addition to the engine, give the motorcycle a sporty appeal. To begin with, it adds gold-anodized inverted front forks in place of the prior model's basic telescopic forks. Additionally, the bike's front and rear disc brakes come standard with dual-channel ABS. Last but not least, the CBR150R sports an LCD instrument display and a complete LED lighting system.

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