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The MV Agusta Lucky Explorer receives 15,000 pre-orders

The MV Agusta name still holds weight even as an adventure-tourer.

MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 9.5

In EICMA 2021, the MV Agusta brand revealed the Lucky Explorer 5.5 and 9.5. While the brand still has its staples like the Brutale and Superveloce, the two new ADV bikes from MV are a welcome addition, diversifying the brand’s offerings in the market. While it is MV’s first foray into the ADV segment of motorcycles, it’s also a project that mints the brand’s new relationship with QJ Motor based in China. 

The Lucky Explorer 9.5 is the bigger bike among the two models, and it’s a heavy middleweight with Italian origins. Meanwhile, the Lucky Explorer 5.5 is a bike that’s based on a Benelli TRK 502, that’s been given a hefty restyle, as well as a rebrand with MV Agusta. 

Even if it is a Chinese-based motorcycle, the Lucky Explorer tandem is still garnering a lot of interest, achieving 15,000 unit reservations. This is quite unsurprising given the attention that the bike got during the trade show and the rise in adventure-tourers in recent years. If you pair a brand as desirable as MV Agusta and plop it into a hot segment, that’s a recipe for success. 

MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 5.5

Before the Lucky Explorers, MV only had one long-range mile muncher in its lineup, and that was the Turismo Veloce 800. More road-focused than off-road, the TVL, as it is lovingly called, comes with an inline triple that promises heaps of power and torque for your long-distance rides. The two Lucky Explorers, however, have different motors depending on which model you buy. The 5.5 comes with a 554cc parallel-twin, which makes about 47 hp, while the 9.5 comes equipped with a 931cc inline triple that’s essentially the largest three-cylinder MV Agusta will currently offer in its lineup, bigger than the 800s. 

The MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 9.5 will be built exclusively in Varese, Italy. Great interest from MV Agusta’s customers netted 15,000 unit reservations already, and the company stated that it will be able to produce up to 9,000 units of the model in 2022 given current production capacities. A total of 5,000 units were produced in 2021, however, which means that MV Agusta’s production capacity has essentially doubled, marking a great year of growth for the brand. 

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