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Next-generation Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is under development

It’ll share the same platform as the Meteor, Classic, and Hunter 350.

Next-generation Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is under development

With its current model lineup, Royal Enfield has been dominating the classic-style segment. The Continental GT and Interceptor 650, which were first made available as worldwide models in 2017, helped make the once unproven Indian motorcycle maker a household name. Just half a decade later, the brand is already well recognized as being associated with affordable, retro-inspired motorbikes

The 350 family of bikes, beginning with the Meteor 350, has lately been revitalized in addition to the brand's iconic 650 series. The Meteor, which makes use of the company's J platform, is the ideal introduction to the cruiser lifestyle for riders who aren't yet ready to spend the big money on hefty, high-displacement cruisers. The Classic 350, a model that was a contemporary resurgence of the bike that made Royal Enfield such a beloved brand in India, was released shortly after this bike.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Much more recently, Royal Enfield introduced the Hunter 350, reversing the narrative with its 350cc model line. Although it shared an engine with the Meteor and Classic, the Hunter stood out from the rest of the 350 class owing to its sportier ergonomics and urban-scrambler vibe. This time, Royal Enfield doesn't seem to be slowing down; it's widely believed that the business is developing the Bullet 350, a 350cc motorcycle that would represent yet another revival for the company.

The overall look and feel of the motorbike closely resembles that of the present model, however several small but obvious changes have been made. While the grab rail and seat designs are slightly different and seem more upscale, the circular tail lamp has replaced the angular tail lamp. Additionally, the circular headlight of the new model is flatter than the previous one's bulging lens.

Undoubtedly, Royal Enfield's new J platform, which features a redesigned dual-cradle frame and a 349cc air/oil-cooled engine that generates 20 horsepower and 19 ft-lbs of torque in the Classic and Meteor 350, will be used to construct the future Bullet. The wheels, suspension, and braking system are also projected to be improved from those seen in the previous generation to provide a safer, more comfortable ride.

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