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Motostrada and Motoshed partner for in-dealer motorcycle detailing

Buy a bike, buy a helmet, and get them both detailed all at the Motostrada dealership, thanks to Motoshed.

Motoshed X Motostrada detailing

While there are many detailing shops in the industry for cars, motorcycle-specific detailing brands are not that easy to find. Motoshed is a new brand, established in 2019, but with over 10 years of experience thanks to its founders. Motostrada established a partnership with the detailing company and will accommodate any and all types of bikes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

The owners of Motoshed started out with automotive detailing but realized that there was a hole in the market for a motorcycle-only brand that is recognizable for two-wheeled enthusiasts. We took a trip to the Motostrada dealership to check out how Motoshed takes care of business. 

Motostrada is well-known in the industry for carrying brands like CFMOTO and MV Agusta and has since partnered with Motoshed to bring convenience and value to the more detail-conscious clientele. 

Motoshed x Motostrada Bike wash
Motoshed x Motostrada Bike Wash

A bike wash isn’t as quick as a car wash because a motorcycle has nooks and crannies that won’t be easy to get clean with a sponge and rag.  Motoshed knows to pack degreasing agents, brushes, and appropriate chemicals to wash the more delicate and oily bits on a bike. The wash covers everything from top to bottom, and you will be left with a dirt-free bike after. The service also lasts quite a while, as the team has a keen eye for details. Even the engine was completely degreased by the time they were done with the service. 

Motoshed x Motostrada RPHA 11 Pro Detailing

On top of that, Motoshed also knows that a rider and his helmet share a special connection. As such, they offer helmet detailing and cleaning services. Everything from the shell to the visor and pads are given A-plus treatment. The team was able to buff out our well-worn HJC RPHA 11 Pro, and restore the shine even with some rather deep scratches thanks to stone chips and some mishandling. 

Motoshed x Motostrada Helmet Detailing

To top everything off, Motoshed also offers paint protection in the form of Crystal Coating. Motostrada and Motoshed are also working together to be able to sell bundled packages, so customers can buy a motorcycle and have it detailed before the unit gets released. Since Motostrada also sells helmets from brands like Vemar and HJC, it’s also possible to get paint protection for your helmet right off the showroom floor. 

Motoshed x Motostrada price list

Motoshed’s little Piaggio Ape will be present every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Motostrada’s main showroom in Caloocan. Prices for their services are listed in the image.

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