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Honda Big Bikes Caloocan opens under the Triumph JT Marketing Corp.

Triumph JT inaugurates its flagship Honda dealership in Caloocan City.

Honda Big Bike Caloocan - Triumph JT Marketing Corporation

Triumph JT Marketing Corporation officially opened its flagship Honda Big Bike Dealership in Caloocan City over the weekend. The dealer partner of Honda Philippines celebrated the launch of its new establishment to much acclaim, inviting friends from the media to witness the next step in the business’ growth. 

Honda Big Bike Caloocan CB500F And CBR650RR unveiling
Honda Big Bike Caloocan CB500F and CBR650RR Unveiling

Honda Motors executives along with Triumph JT Marketing’s leadership were present to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony as well as the unveiling of the brand's newest models in the market which include the CB150X, the CB500F, and the CBR650RR sportbike later on in the day. 

Honda Big Bike Caloocan Mr. Jayson Te
Honda Big Bike Caloocan

President of Triumph JT Marketing Corporation, Mr. Jayson Te, stated that it was a long-time dream of his late father to open a flagship Honda store in the motorcycle Mecca of Metro Manila, Caloocan City. Triumph JT Marketing has been a dealer for Honda Philippines for quite a while now, selling scooters and other small motorcycles to Filipinos throughout its many branches located in Taft, Fairview, and West Avenue. 

Honda Big Bike Caloocan Big Bike Display
Honda Big Bike Caloocan Honda Dual Sport Display

Now, the company is taking its next step towards a more prosperous future with the inclusion of Honda’s Big Bikes. Flagship Honda models are on display on the second floor of the showroom, while the first floor is reserved for motorcycles that are under 400ccs in displacement including Honda’s line of dual-sport bikes. 

Honda Big Bike Caloocan Service Center
Honda Big Bike Caloocan Service Center

The service area is also well-equipped to conduct maintenance and repairs for any kind of Honda motorcycle with lifters and other specialized equipment readily available for mechanics to utilize. 

Honda Big Bike Caloocan Helmets
Honda Big Bike Caloocan Boots and Luggage

Now, what would a Triumph JT store be without its display of gear? Mr. Te is also the one responsible for bringing in world-renown brands like HJC, Spyke, Cortech, Augi, and more. After you’re finished browsing through or even putting an order down for a Honda big bike, you can check out the gear displays that are scattered around the dealership floor, or you can check out Triumph JT Corporation’s gear showroom which is conveniently located at the back of the new dealership through the service center. 

Nestled in the heart of Caloocan City, one of the country’s premier destinations for motorcycles, Honda Big Bike Caloocan is in a premier location to succeed. Located at 101 J. Teodoro between 8th and 9th avenue, Grace Park West, Caloocan City, you can visit the showroom during its work hours between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

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