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More details about Kawasaki’s upcoming Ninja ZX-4R have emerged

Kawasaki is expected to launch the new model in 2023.

More details about Kawasaki’s upcoming Ninja ZX-4R have emerged

Small-capacity supersport motorcyclists all over the world have been clamoring for Kawasaki's ZX-25R ever since the bike was announced in June 2020. Fans of Team Green, however, are undoubtedly in for a treat because there have been reports that Kawasaki is working on a bigger, more potent ZX-4R. It appears that the tiny sportbike's buzz has returned after fading for almost a year. In fact, according to recent data, Kawi may put on the green carpet for the new vehicle in 2023.

We anticipate Kawasaki will base the ZX-4R on its current ZX-25R machine. The four-cylinder supersport would continue to use the same chassis, but its quarter-liter engine would gain a 399cc displacement boost. Although the ZX-25R produces 44 horsepower, the additional capacity would undoubtedly boost the ZX-4R's potential for power. The nicest aspect of our situation is that it should now be registered as a 400cc motorbike and be allowed to go on expressways in the Philippines.

More details about Kawasaki’s upcoming Ninja ZX-4R have emerged

The next bike will also include twin front disc brakes, a redesigned exhaust, and a larger rear tire. However, apart from those improvements, the future ZX-4R would have a lot of the same hardware as the ZX-25R. The cost would therefore be the only deciding factor. Given that the ZX-25R costs P410,000 in the Philippines, it seems likely that the ZX-4R will cost anywhere between P500,000 and P550,000, but hey, we're just shooting in the dark here.

According to reports, Kawasaki is preparing two ZX-4R variations for introduction in 2023 under the designations ZX400SP and ZX400PP. Unfortunately, until the company formally discloses specifics on the future inline-four, we won't be able to validate any of these forecasts. We still eagerly await the ZX-4R's public debut as aficionados of small-capacity supersports. This is particularly true given the Kawasaki ZX-25R's enormous popularity in the Philippines. Imagine the level of interest in a 400cc expressway-legal inline-four screamer.

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