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MMDA receives 2,000 back-rider shields from an anonymous donor.

The MMDA announced that they will give it away to those in need.

MMDA Back-riding barrier

A generous donation of 2,000 back-rider shields was given to the MMDA. Edison “Bong” Nebrija, MMDA traffic operations chief, posted about the donation that was anonymously given to them on social media. The MMDA was more than happy to announce that the back-rider shields received by them will be immediately given away to anyone who needed them especially to those who transport medical frontliners who do not live in the same household, or for those who have workmates not living within the same household. This would of course help the problem posed by the limited operations of our public transportation system. 

Somebody donated these motorcycle barriers to our team and we are sharing it for free to those who needs or wants it.
MMDA back-riding shield donation

Nebrija added that to those who need to use the donated barriers, all they have to do is drop by their EDSA-Timog base to get one. It should be remembered that the use of a back-rider shield has been receiving a lot of flack from concerned groups of the riding community. During the first week of August, the Joint Task Force COVID-Shield finally allowed pillion riding provided that the rider was an Authorized Person Outside Of Residence (APOR) even if she is not related to the driver, a prescribed motorcycle barrier is used, and that the motorcycle was privately-owned. 

A few weeks later, the prescribed motorcycle barrier was no longer required for as long as both the rider and the driver lived in the same household. Nevertheless, even without the barrier, it was still required that the two riders both wear a helmet which included a visor that covered the entire face. On the other hand, for riders who did not live in the same household, the Joint Taskforce COVID-Shield still requires the use of a motorcycle barrier similar to the design presented by Angkas even if the driver is not an APOR. However, it is still required that the passenger must be an APOR. 

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