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MMDA wants motorcycle riders to keep visors down

The same goes for back-riders.

Visors down

Earlier last month, the government finally allowed motorcycle back-riding again for couples who live in the same household for as long as a barrier was used between the two riders. However, this new requirement faced a lot of staunch criticism from the riding community, manufacturers, and safety experts. Soon after, the Joint Task Force (JTF) COVID Shield eventually lifted the barrier requirement for riding couples living in the same household. If they were living in the same house, and perhaps sharing a bed together, a barrier would no longer be necessary. 

However, Col. Edison Bond Nebrija, MMDA Traffic Operations Chief stressed as minimum health and safety requirement, couples should at least be wearing a proper motorcycle-specific helmet with a visor covering the whole face together with a face mask. Nebrija said, “As you know, we already removed the barrier requirement but we still have a requirement on helmets.” He added that motorcycle groups lobbied for the removal of the barrier shield and the government heeded to their requests but under the condition that their visors should at least be closed or cover the whole face.

Others have a helmet visor but the problem is they're not closing it...When caught, that's the only time they close it.

Nebrija stressed that a lot of riders have already been apprehended for not wearing the prescribed standard motorcycle safety helmet. Some would be caught using bicycle helmets, or even construction hard hats that obviously wouldn’t give you enough protection and are unsuitable for motorcycle use. A pillion rider was even caught with what seemed to be a dilapidated helmet with a missing visor. 

In any case, especially now that the traffic situation is slowly going back to the “old normal”, motorcycle riders would sparingly pull up their helmet visors while on a stop. In response, the MMDA Chief said that rather than getting apprehended and being forced to pay a fine for the ticket issued, riders should use the money to purchase another motorcycle helmet for their loved ones.

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