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KTM invests $31.1-million USD into MV Agusta for a 25.1-percent stake in the Italian company

The investment marks KTM’s “strategic cooperation” with MV Agusta in the future.

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MV Agusta was a bit silent at EICMA 2022, but behind the scenes, a few things were unfolding. Apparently, the Italian company has been working out a deal with KTM's parent company, Pierer Mobility for a 25.1-percent stake in the Italian brand. 

The investment Pierer Mobility made into MV Agusta came in at € 30 million EUR, or about $31.1-million USD given today’s exchange rates. This is on top of KTM’s assumption of North American MV Agusta distribution duties as well as supply chain support back in September 2022. 

Safe to say, MV Agusta is getting some big backup for its operations, furthered by Pierer Mobility’s investment which was announced on November 15, 2022. As for the details of the investment, the 25-percent stake in MV Agusta was characterized by Pierer Mobility as a “strategic cooperation,” via capital infusion. 

“I am excited about this important agreement, and delighted to welcome KTM AG, Europe’s leading powered two-wheeler manufacturer, into the MV Agusta family. Driven by our shared vision of excellence, the principal goals of our alliance will be the consolidation of our core business and the production of high-performance motorcycles in the premium segment. I am confident that the agreement will strengthen our brand in a complex and challenging marketplace.”

So what does this mean for the brand? MV Agusta could take advantage of Pierer Mobility’s vast resources and bolster the brand’s capability in terms of logistics and then some. Speculations also point to Pierer lending some of its know-how to the Italian brand in terms of rally sport. MV has been hinting at a return to the Dakar Rally, and KTM’s definitely got the expertise to back the brand up for both’s mutual benefit. 

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