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The Kawasaki Z900RS will get new colors for 2022

That navy and gold, though.

Kawasaki Z900RS new colors 2022

Kawasaki is going to update the Z900RS soon with new colorways. Nothing major is changing anytime soon, as expected from the Japanese brand, but it is going a bit crazy with paint as of late. 

The Z900RS for the 2022 model year will get a new coat of paint going into next year. Kawasaki’s answer to the Yamaha XSR 900 and the Honda CB1000R will get dressed in a black and blue colorway, similar to the 2022 colorways that Team Green is employing for its colorway updates for the Vulcan and Ninja lineup of bikes. 

Kawasaki Z900RS Blue and Black

More timeless than modern, the analog gauges are noteworthy for keeping with the more retro theme of the bike, and Kawasaki did well to keep things classy with the rather muted implementation of its brand colors, as well as a few other more notable combinations like the subtle yet eye-catching navy blue and gold. 

Kawasaki Z900RS Green and White

Speaking of the colors, we’ll have three new color combinations to choose from, metallic green with a stripe of white, black with cyan and gray, and finally, the aforementioned blue and gold. In true retro fashion, the graphics are simple, and the colors are classy. In keeping with the theme of the bike. Perhaps the most interesting color would be green and white since it is a deeper and more metallic-looking tone in comparison to the traditional Kawi-green. 

All that being said, this is just a colorway update. We’re not going to get an extra cylinder in there anytime soon, but why do you need it? With its 948cc inline four-cylinder engine, it pumps out 111 hp and a lot of excitement. That extra paint doesn’t move its weight either, because it’ll still sit at 215 kg and features traction control, and ABS. 

The colors have been announced, and it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing these models ripping on Philippine roads and highways. 

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