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Kawasaki to reveal of the ZX-25R on July 10, 2020

The long wait for Kawasaki’s little screamer is almost over.

Kawasaki ZX-25R

Kawasaki has been teasing us with the ZX-25R for the past couple of months now. Just last week, its power figures were finally revealed — or rather unintentionally leaked by Akrapovič who has been working on producing an aftermarket exhaust system for Kawasaki’s little screamer. Kawasaki Indonesia has finally announced that they would be revealing the machine on July 10, 2020.

The Kawasaki ZX-25R is a high-revving 250 cc bike that’s been causing so much excitement to the loyal fans of Kawasaki’s Ninja sportbike lineup. Of course, horsepower speed junkies would rather be disappointed with the power figures of Kawasaki’s quarter-liter bike, however, the ZX-25R is not aimed at this particular market. Rather, it is aimed at buyers in countries where 250s are considered big-bore bikes and larger displacement machines would face regulatory restrictions or punitive insurance costs which is common in most Southeast Asian countries. Millions of riders from these markets still want a high-performance bike despite all the restrictions. Thus, Kawasaki gives us the ZX-25R, a small motorcycle with an engine that you can easily pit against 400 cc bikes, including Kawasaki’s very own Ninja 400

Unlike Kawasaki’s other 250 cc budget offerings like the Z250 or Ninja 250 which use a parallel-twin powerplant, the ZX-25R has a liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder motor. It can rev all the way up to 17,000 RPM producing around 45 hp and 20.8 Nm of torque — if the previous leaks can be relied upon. 

Kawasaki ZX-25R
Kawasaki ZX-25R Yoshimura Exhaust

Brands like Sniper, Yoshimura, and Akrapovič have been on the running with producing aftermarket parts for the ZX-25R seeing a lot of potential of the bike gaining a loyal following. The motorcycle has supposed to be launched earlier this year at around April but the launch date was postponed due to the health and safety concerns brought about by the COVID-19 global pandemic. While we haven’t heard any official word yet from Kawasaki Philippines if they plan to bring in the ZX-25R into the country, we would love to see it in their showrooms, or on the road. 

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