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Kawasaki launches Kawasaki KLX300 SM in US market

We sure wish this bike makes its way to the Philippines.

Kawasaki KLX300 SM

Kawasaki has recently launched a lineup of new motorcycles for the 2021 model year. In particular, a new duo of KLX bikes with one being a true blue dual sport, while the other donning supermoto attire. This launch is rather timely, too, given the fact that Kawasaki’s KLX range of bikes has begun to look rather long in the tooth, with the last update to the bike being nearly a decade ago.

To the uninitiated, a supermoto may look like a backyard creation wherein someone has decided to slap on a set of road tires on a dirt bike. Well, that’s technically what it is, except this time it comes from the factory this way. Several other notable manufactures produce supermotos as well, such as KTM with the KTM 690 SMC-R, and even Ducati with their Hypermotard

Kawasaki KLX300 SM

The Kawasaki KLX300 SM is built atop a box and tubular, steel perimeter frame. It comes equipped with pretty capable suspension in the form of gas-charged Uni-Track suspension, same as its off-roadgoing sibling. As far as performance is concerned, the KLX300 SM is equipped with a 292cc single cylinder engine. As is the case with most dirt bikes, no official horsepower rating has been released by Kawasaki — but they did declare the engine comes with a 78.0 x 61.2 mm bore and stroke mated to an 11.1:1 compression ratio. That being said, we can expect this bike to pack quite a punch. 

Perhaps the most differentiating feature of the KLX 300 SM are its street tires. Equipped with 17 inch front and rear wheels, the bike comes with IRC Street Winner tires, sure to make attacking the twisties an exhilarating ride. At the moment, Kawasaki Philippines doesn’t have a dual sport, let alone a supermoto in its repertoire. That being said, despite the odds of this bike making it to the local market being rather slim, we certainly hope that this bike could make its way to Philippine shores. 

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