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Kawasaki has plans for a ZX-4R in 2023

The bigger brother to the ZX-25R and the little brother to the loved ZX-6R is in the pipeline for Team Green.

Kawasaki ZX-4R

According to Japanese sources, Kawasaki is planning to launch the ZX-4R by 2023. We got the ZX-25R back in 2020, which was a serious option for small-displacement supersport enthusiasts. Since the model was announced, rumors have been circulating about a slightly larger displacement supersport. 

Quite a lot of fans were wondering if there would be a 400cc offering in the ZX lineup. If the Ninjas get a 400cc option, why can’t the ZX line? It’s not like 400ccs is too small of a displacement for a modern inline-four, I mean the ZX-25R’s a marvel with its shot-glass-sized pistons revving away with a 17,000 RPM red line. 

After over two years with the ZX-25R on the market, however, it’s only now that new information about the 400cc supersport resurfaced thanks to Japanese source, Autoby

According to the source, the Kawasaki ZX-4R will have the same bones as the ZX-25R and it will also sport a four-cylinder motor with 399ccs of displacement. While the ZX-25R already has over 40 horses to its name (44 to be exact), it’s certain that the ZX-4R could be a monster 400cc motorcycle with over 50 horses if not way more. 

With that much power, the ZX-4R will purportedly come with a dual-disc front brake setup and a wide-section rear tire to handle the extra power from the four-cylinder mill. The source also speculates that the ZX-4R could come with a new exhaust setup to adhere to Japanese and Euro emissions regulations and standards. 

Also, the weight could be increased over the ZX-25R. An extra caliper up front and a wider rim will definitely add to the 180-kilogram weight of the ZX-25R. The new bike will likely weigh about 190 kilograms. 

Other than that, we could expect the model to fill in the price gap between the ZX-25R and the ZX-6R, which stands at about P400,000 and about P700,000 respectively. That being said, it’s not impossible for the ZX-4R to be priced right in the middle at about P550,000, and being (hopefully), 400ccs on its certificate of registration, it will be the new entry-level motorcycle in the ZX range for Team Green. 

No date has been specified as to when the new model will be available, but 2023 is the ballpark date for the supersport’s grand unveiling. 

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