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Indonesia overtakes India as Honda’s number one motorcycle market

India’s overall drop in motorcycle sales is to blame.

Honda Indonesia

For several years now, India has been the number 1 motorcycle market in the world. Despite having the biggest population of motorcycle riders, India’s motorcycle sales have been suffering the past months, no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused a reported drop to zero sales for the month of April. The more restrictive BS6 emissions standard could also be blamed for the drop in motorcycle sales figures for India, together with the rising insurance and retail prices or motorcycles. With all of this in mind, Indonesia has now overtaken India as the number one motorcycle market for Honda.

Indonesia's motorcycle market

Indonesia’s sales figures still have not increased over the past year but despite this, they still did better than India at selling Honda motorcycles with 4.85 units sold, compared to 4.7 million units sold by India. As far as Honda motorcycles and scooters are concerned, India’s sales figures were similar to the figures reported for their 2017 fiscal year. Honda’s official distributor in Indonesia, PT Astra Honda reported a drop in sales figures for the fiscal years of 2019 and 2020. However, they still managed to outperform India’s sales figures by 150,000 units.  

To put things into perspective, the Philippines sells somewhere around 500,000 units of Honda motorcycles in our country. While this may seem a dismal figure compared to the reported figures of Indonesia and India, Honda still happens to be the number one motorcycle brand in the country. It can be observed, however, that in terms of releases, Honda has the most conservative approach to bringing in new models to the Philippines, especially for their big bikes. The Philippines would always be the last to receive the newest Honda motorcycle models in Southeast Asia. Thus, the stagnant motorcycle sales figures of Honda motorcycles should come as no surprise.

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