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Indian Motorcycles unveils 120th Anniversary Chieftain Elite

A special bike to commemorate the company’s rich history.

Indian Chieftain Elite

Cruiser fans are definitely well acquainted with iconic American motorcycle manufacturer Indian Motorcycles. Not to be confused with motorcycles made in India, Indian Motorcycles derives its name from the Native American-Indians which are the indigenous people of the Americas.

Finding its roots in Springfield, Massachusetts, Indian was forced into bankruptcy in 1953. After a 58-year hiatus, Polaris, the folks who make those badass quads and off-roaders, purchased the rights to the nameplate and effectively revived the brand. While not exactly being in continuous production for 120 years, Indian’s bikes have, in one way or another, been in existence for this long. As such, to commemorate 120 years of Indian Motorcycles, a special edition of the Chieftain Elite has been launched.

Indian Chieftain Elite

The limited-edition variant comes equipped with the 1,890cc Thunderstroke V-twin engine. It comes with optional power packages such as Stage 1 and Stage 2 cams, air intakes, and exhaust systems. Coming in a special Slate Smoke color scheme, it sets itself apart from the standard Chieftain in terms of styling. Speaking of styling, the Indian Chieftain Elite gives off that classic, all-American aesthetic. However, despite its old-school vibe, the bike comes fitted with some pretty fancy tech. For starters, it comes equipped with Sport, Touring, and Standard ride modes. It even comes with a nifty feature which deactivates the rear cylinder in heavy traffic to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize heat. 

While there still isn’t any word as to whether or not this limited-edition 120th Anniversary Indian Chieftain Elite will make its way to Philippine shores, we can expect this bike to fetch quite a massive sum of cash. In the US, it retails for $34,999, which translates to P1,750,000—a price that’s sure to increase after taxes and registration fees are added to the equation. For reference, the standard Indian Chieftain comes with a sticker price of P1,765,000.

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