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Honda Thailand teases a new 350 cc Forza

Will we be seeing Honda’s new maxi-scooter for 2021?

Honda Forza 350

The Honda Forza has been seeing a lot of success in the more scooter-centric countries such as Thailand and the rest of the Southeast Asian countries. The current iteration has a 279 cc engine and a real sporty appeal for a maxiscooter. It also comes with Honda Selectable Torque Control, an electronically-adjustable windscreen, and mated to a CVT making it an excellent choice for scooter goers.

Honda Thailand has recently released a teaser video for the new upcoming Forza 350 showcasing its design silhouette and some short riding shots. A moto vlogger from Thailand, Freeman Rider, was able to share some photographs of the brochure showcasing the new maxiscooter and some of its features. The new Honda Forza 350 can be expected to be released as a 2021 model. 

Honda Forza 350

Speculations suggest that the new engine will be powered by a 329.6 cc engine with the same 150 mm electronically-adjustable windscreen, emergency stop signal, full LED lighting, body-mounted mirrors with integrated LED turn signals, dual-channel ABS, the same Honda Selectable Torque Control, Honda SMART key system, and an in-console USB charger, with a bottle holder. Its engine is also rumored to include variable valve timing and will be Euro 5 emissions compliant. 

Honda Forza 350

It will be offered in four color options, at least in the Thai market with black, white and blue, red and black, and blue and black. Its full specifications are yet to be officially released. In the next coming months bringing closer to 2021, we can expect an official launch to build even more anticipation for the Honda Forza 350’s model release. Should Honda Philippines decide to introduce this new model to the country, it can easily be pitted against Yamaha’s maxi-scooter offering, the XMAX300 which has been seeing a lot of success in the country. Surely, the Philippines could use another maxiscooter from Honda to roam our streets.  

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