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Honda introduces the new Click 160 in Thailand, Philippines next?

A much-needed upgrade for Honda’s entry-level commuter.

2022 Honda Click 160

Honda's small-displacement scooters are quite popular around the world, not only in the Philippines. The company has recently updated its model portfolio to include new features and improved performance. The Click 160, a functional scooter with a sporty look, is the most recent addition to the lineup. The new scooter was presented at the Bangkok Motor Show in Thailand, and it is the successor of the hugely successful Click 150 scooter, a two-wheeler that has become a favorite with Filipino commuters and fans.

At first glance, it's evident that the Click 160 incorporates Honda's dynamic style from its larger bikes. The bodywork is crisp and pointed, as if it were a sportbike converted into a scooter. Its angry-looking front fascia also has CBR style, giving it an image that appears to be faster than it is. When coupled with the matte gray bodywork, the new Click 160 has updated alloy wheels painted gold, giving the scooter an even sportier flair.

In terms of performance, the Click has received a new engine that is identical to that found in the PCX 160. It's powered by a 156.9cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with a typical scooter CVT. The engine has a 15-horsepower output, making it a quick runabout around the city. The engine is also compatible with fuel containing up to 20% ethanol and meets the region's most recent emission requirements, which are roughly similar to the Euro 4 standard.

Apart from the motor, the new Click 160 has basic underpinnings including standard telescopic forks and preload-adjustable rear suspension. Because of the practicality it provides its user, its varied package will undoubtedly be welcomed in a number of Asian markets. Riding with a pillion is easy and pleasant thanks to a large one-piece saddle, and ample under-seat storage lets you bring small items and an extra helmet along with you. The Click also has a quality look and feel thanks to a keyless ignition system, USB charging port, and fully digital display.

In terms of pricing and availability, the new Click 160 costs THB 63,500, or roughly P95,000, which is a pretty decent deal considering the long list of amenities this scooter offers. If and when it arrives in the Philippines, it will undoubtedly be a viable option to scooters such as the Suzuki Burgman, Yamaha NMAX, and Aerox 155, as well as maybe larger scooters such as the new Aprilia SR GT 200.

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