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The all-new Honda ADV350 makes its Southeast Asian debut - will it come to the Philippines?

Honda is launching the mid-sized adventure scooter in Thailand in March of this year.

The all-new Honda ADV350

Honda already has a strong presence in the growing adventure-scooter market. With the X-ADV in 2016, it initially entered the market, and with the ADV150 in 2019, it attracted the attention of new riders and those on a budget. With the ADV350, Big Red presented the middle ground in terms of size at EICMA 2021. This year, this robust adventure scooter will make its debut in Asia.

The Honda ADV350 is based on the Forza 350 maxi-scooter and is powered by the same eSP+ engine. It does, however, have some significant differences. For starters, new suspension components give it more ground clearance. To help with difficult terrain, a 37mm Showa upside-down front fork and twin Showa rear shocks have been fitted.

2022 Honda ADV 350

The ADV350 is equipped with features that make it ideal for lengthy rides. Standard features include hand guards, a height-adjustable windshield, and LED lights. In addition, the display is a full-digital LCD. A smart key system, USB Type C charging port, HSTC system, and RoadSnyc smartphone communication are all included.

Honda's single-cylinder 330cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine powers the ADV350. Smart Power+ and Honda's Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) are included, and it generates a respectable 28.9 horsepower. When it was first unveiled at EICMA last year, it came in a variety of sleek and elegant colors. As a result, expect it to be available in the following colors: Spangle Silver Metallic, Mat Carbonium Gray Metallic, and Mat Carnelian Red Metallic.

The bike is slated to make its official debut in Thailand in March of this year. Other Southeast Asian markets are expected to follow suit after that. Honda has yet to reveal any pricing information for this model. Due to its larger displacement and luxury amenities, it will be more expensive than its smaller sister, the ADV150. Do you believe the ADV350 is a good fit for the Philippine market?

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