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Honda introduces the 2022 Super Cub at the Osaka Motor Show

Mild improvements and a charming new color scheme bring this legendary model to the 21st century.

Honda introduces the 2022 Super Cub at the Osaka Motor Show

If you're into motorcycles, chances are you're familiar with the Honda Super Cub. This tiny little two-wheeler first made its debut in 1958, and was preceded by the Cub F in 1952, which was essentially a bicycle with a gasoline engine bolted onto it. The Super Cub, basically Honda’s first real commuter machine, has been hailed as the best-selling vehicle of all time. In fact, more than 100 million Super Cubs have been sold all over the world ever since its debut in 1958.

The Super Cub was the motorcycle responsible for propelling Honda to fame in the US, too. It was the center of attention in Honda’s 1960s ad campaign with the slogan “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.” This little commuter transformed the public’s perception of motorcyclists from the bad boy image of Harley-Davidson, to a friendlier, more approachable one, giving the two-wheeled lifestyle a much broader appeal. Now, more than half-a-century later, the Honda Super Cub continues to be in production, and has been updated to conform to modern safety and emissions standards.

2022 Honda Super Cub

It’s no longer the ultra bare-bones and affordable two-wheeler it once was, but rather, a model that pays tribute to Honda’s roots—a machine filled with heritage and rich history. In fact, the Honda Super Cub now holds the same retro appeal as some Vespa models. For the 2022 model year, Honda has updated the Super Cub yet again, and unveiled it at the ongoing Osaka Motor Show in Japan. The new bike gets revised aesthetics, an updated engine, and a few enhancements to its features. Perhaps the most striking detail is the new yellow and beige color scheme which gives off a cool and friendly aura. It’s matched with gray alloy wheels and a brown faux leather saddle. 

The engine has been revised to be more efficient and provide better power delivery. It consists of a 110cc single-cylinder engine producing around 7.9 horsepower. Just like the previous model, the 2022 Honda Super Cub sends power to the rear wheel via a four-speed gearbox. Other features include an ABS-equipped front disc brake, a revised instrument panel that now comes with a clock, as well as as-standard tubeless tires. Honda has yet to reveal the price of the new-generation Honda Cub in the international market, so we can’t say for certain if this bike will make it to Philippine showrooms anytime soon. 

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