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Honda files a patent for an electric-powered Neo-Sports Café motorcycle

We could be seeing an electric CB125R roll out real soon.

Honda CB125R electric motorcycle patent

Honda has always kept its plates full when it comes to developing new concepts and filing the corresponding patents for it. In its most recent patent filing, its latest sketches reveal a new electric motorcycle based out of the smallest bike to come out of its popular Neo-Sports Café lineup, the CB125R. The CB125R has a similar frame and chassis, but with a much smaller engine when compared to its bigger middleweight sibling, the CB650R. The patents show what appears to be a fully finished motorcycle leading us to conclude that the product is close to its finished stages within Honda’s R&D department.

Honda CB125R electric motorcycle patent

At the heart of the new bike is a small, lightweight electric powerplant. By looking at some of the bits bolted onto it, you can see where the new electric motor would be sitting. The drive sprocket’s size allows you to visualize the size of the finished motor which would be about the size of a dinner plate. The entire engine has a narrow profile allowing it to be easily placed into the narrow chassis of the existing CB125R. 

Honda CB125R electric motorcycle patent

The rest of the bike retains its other components including its frame, suspension, and braking system. However, we could expect some small alterations on the bike’s frame to be able to accommodate the mounting of the new motor and batteries, without changing the bike’s overall silhouette. At this point, since all we have are the sketches of the patent filings, its performance specifications are still being kept by Honda. However, we can expect its power figures to better than the capabilities of the 125 cc engine which the electric motor replaces, at least in terms of response and torque. Otherwise, the structural integrity of the chassis and cycle parts of the original bike on which it was designed to work with would be compromised if not used within its set power and torque window.

All in all, considering that most of its construction is already in production with the CB125R, a significant amount of savings from its development and design budget can be taken out of it. That means this new electric motorcycle offering from Honda could be seeing its production stages sooner than we think. Honda has already done a project for another electric drivetrain when they electrically powered its existing PCX scooter. Although with the CB125R, this cost-effective electric option would surely and easily attract customers looking for a cleaner form of urban mobility. It is only a matter of time before we see bikes like these replacing gasoline-powered bikes. 

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