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HJC launch a new i20 jet helmet model

Not going to lie, it looks rather impressive.

HJC i20 Jet Helmet

HJC is a brand known for its stellar value for money. Hong Jin Crown Co., as they are otherwise known, fields helmets such as the HJC RPHA series, and the ‘i’ series of middle-range models, a series that the i20 finds itself in. 

Popular among scooter and city riders looking for a light lid that’s easy to take on and off, the model features the standard array of features that one can expect from such a helmet of this type, such as a drop-down sun visor and a shell that covers enough of your head in order to mitigate small impacts to the crown and the occipital section of your head. 

HJC, however, takes it a step further and includes a removable chin bar. The styling is rather simple, making it an easy pick to pair with a Vespa. With or without the chin bar, it makes for a good look. Other models in the market also feature removable pieces, but this is HJC’s first modern take on this kind of helmet. While the chin bar does look sturdy, it should protect against lighter grazes and bumps, but it’s not as substantial in terms of impact absorption in comparison to the top half of the lid. 

HJC i20 jet helmet no chin bar

That being said, the helmet is made from a polycarbonate shell, and it also features HJC’s Supercool fabric on the inner liner. Riders who use prescription lenses can comfortably slot their specs into the eyeglass channels in the helmet, and as mentioned, it comes with a smoked visor as well. Surprisingly, it also gets a set of intakes in the front, and a micrometric buckle will facilitate this helmet’s security on your head. 

The HJC i20 jet helmet is ECE 22.06 certified, making it one of the first few lids in the South Korean brand’s lineup to get the new European safety certification. ECE 22.05 is still good, but 22.06 will be the new standard moving forward. The helmet is also compatible with HJC’s Smart Intercom system, or a Cardo Intercom system. Colorways for this model include black as pictured above, and a variety of matte and glossy plain colors. The size chart spans from XS to 2XL, and it’s available for about 199.90 EUR, or about P11,000. 

Take note, however, that that is European pricing. Triumph JT, the distributor of HJC in the Philippines have yet to make this helmet available and price it for the Philippine market, but considering that it could make for a great city helmet for many, it won’t be surprising to see this lid on the heads of riders in the City anytime soon. 

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