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Expect a Suzuki electric motorcycle as early as 2024

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has announced its electrification plans leading up to 2030.

Suzuki Burgman 125

In recent years, manufacturers have been investing a lot of effort and money in creating new hybrid and electric platforms for both the motorcycle and automobile sectors. The plans for Europe to phase out gas-powered automobiles by 2035 serve to underline this even more. In addition, several Asian countries have begun rolling out incentive programs for the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles.

With the exception of Suzuki, almost all manufacturers in the motorcycle sector have publicly announced their electrification plans. Suzuki has a history of standing by its principles and keeping its vehicles on the road as long as feasible. The same is true of its automobiles and motorcycles. However, it appears that the Japanese brand must now realize that going electric will be necessary for it to survive in the competitive future. Suzuki has now declared that its first electric two-wheeler will be released in 2024.

Suzuki Access 125

When seen in a larger context, Suzuki's intentions to introduce EVs don't stop with a little scooter. The brand intends to offer up to eight electrified models overall by 2030. It's also vital to understand that Suzuki does not currently have any intentions to phase out its motorcycles fueled by gasoline. In reality, it plans to divide ICE and electric vehicles 75–25 in the years before 2030.

As Suzuki hasn't really gotten into specifics regarding its impending electric portfolio, it's still unclear what it will be. It's likely going to be a small-capacity electric scooter aimed at the Asian market, though. The technology around electric scooters is largely established, and several manufacturers are currently producing and marketing 125cc-equivalent electric scooters, making them the lowest hanging fruit in the EV industry.

The first Suzuki electric two-wheeler is expected to be an electrified version of the hugely famous Suzuki Access, a vehicle whose name amply demonstrates why it is so popular, according to several sources from Asia, notably India. In addition to being small and simple to drive, the Access is also very inexpensive to purchase and maintain, qualities that the forthcoming EV will probably acquire.

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