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Electric motorcycle brand Zero Motorcycles to open its doors in the Philippines in 2023

A partnership with Ayala’s subsidiary IMI could usher in a new wave of electric mobility in our country.

Zero Motorcycles is coming to the Philippines soon

Zero Motorcycles is acknowledged as the forerunner in the realm of electric motorcycles. They have focused solely on electric-powered two-wheelers since 2006, far preceding the present-day trend of electric motorcycles, which is often marketed as eco-friendly. At present, Zero Motorcycles is increasing their business worldwide, with the objective of promoting the use of electric motorcycles in all corners of the globe.

Zero Motorcycles has forged a new partnership with Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. (IMI), a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation, indicating the company's interest in the Asian market. This move follows Zero's recent collaboration with Indian motorcycle brand Hero MotoCorp. IMI, like Zero Motorcycles, is a leader in the motorcycle manufacturing industry, specifically in the Philippines, producing and exporting a considerable portion of KTM and Husqvarna small to mid-range displacement models.

Zero Motorcycles is coming to the Philippines soon

Zero Motorcycles' partnership with IMI will be a groundbreaking milestone for both IMI and the Philippine motorcycle industry. To date, no full-scale electric motorcycles have been produced or are being manufactured in our local market, making this a first for the region.

"We look forward to such amazing collaboration to help bring their innovative electric motorcycles to the world. This partnership aligns with our commitment to supporting companies in their growth and sustainability efforts while providing high-quality manufacturing services."

Under this partnership, IMI will take charge of assembling specific models of Zero Motorcycles, as well as other components, at their manufacturing plant located in Laguna, a region known for its industrial zones and factories. The plant will work closely with Zero's manufacturing facility in Scotts Valley, California. The specific Zero Motorcycle models to be introduced in the Philippines have not been announced yet. However, IMI aims to commence production of Zero Motorcycles models and components in the second quarter of 2023.

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