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Ducati unveils striking new Stripe Livery for 2023 Ducati SuperSport 950 S

A beautiful blend of white, red, and gray gives this sporty machine an elegant aesthetic.

2023 Ducati SuperSport 950

Ducati has just pulled the covers off the latest iteration of the SuperSport 950, a machine that blurs the line between sportbike and sport-tourer. Yes, contrary to what the name suggests, the Supersport 950 isn’t in fact a supersport, but rather, a more upright machine with a sporty fairing, but nonetheless, with a low-slung, aggressive stance. Unlike the Panigale range that’s rocking the Ducati Superquadro engines, it has the same Testastretta 90-degree V-twin as that of the Ducati Monster 937. 

For the 2023 model-year, Ducati has released the newest iteration of the SuperSport 950, and while it’s built on the same foundations as previous model-years, it features a striking new colorway. Thanks to the genius minds in the Ducati Centro Stile, the SuperSport 950 now comes in what Ducati calls the new “Stripe Livery.”

2023 Ducati SuperSport 950 S

The primary color of the fairing is Iceberg White, but the addition of the Stripe Livery introduces a unique design element. This includes a noticeable red stripe and a thicker gray stripe positioned beneath it. The two vibrant stripes are separated by a slim white line that harmonizes with the rest of the fairing. The red stripe is strategically aligned to seamlessly blend into the glimpse of the red frame visible just behind the fairing, while the thicker gray stripe continues its flow toward the saddle, forming a striking diagonal line connecting the two elements.

The 2024 Ducati SuperSport 950 S comes equipped with a fully adjustable Öhlins suspension system both at the front and rear, enhancing its handling capabilities. This model also includes a pillion seat cover for added versatility. The bike features a set of stylish 17-inch wheels finished in Glossy Black, adorned with a Ducati Red tag for a touch of distinction. It's worth noting that if you have a preference for the iconic Ducati Red color, it is exclusively available on the base model of the SuperSport 950 for the 2024 lineup.

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