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Ducati sales soar in the first quarter of 2023

In just three months, the House of Borgo Panigale sold a whopping 14,725 motorcycles all across the globe.

Ducati sales soar in the first quarter of 2023

Ducati, the iconic motorcycle manufacturer based in Bologna, Italy, has been experiencing a string of positive developments. The company's remarkable sales performance throughout 2022 has been followed by the release of its Q1 results for 2023. In this period, Ducati delivered 14,725 new motorcycles globally, which indicates a growth of nine percent compared to the same time in the previous year.

According to the information provided, the Multistrada V4 range is currently the top-selling bike for Ducati in 2023, with a total of 2,668 bikes delivered worldwide in Q1. The second-best seller is the long-standing and well-known Ducati Monster range, which saw 2,005 new bikes delivered to customers in the same period. The third spot is taken by the DesertX, a retro-inspired adventure bike that has been gaining popularity among riders, with a total of 1,442 new bike deliveries in Q1. These figures illustrate the success of Ducati's product offerings across different bike styles and the company's ability to meet the demands of customers worldwide.

Ducati Monster 937

In 2023, Ducati is focusing on expanding its dealer network, with plans to open 55 new dealerships throughout the year. This expansion is part of the company's strategy to increase its global reach and make its products more accessible to customers worldwide. With its current network of over 800 dealers present in 90 countries, Ducati is already well-established in the motorcycle market. However, the addition of new dealerships will help the company to penetrate new markets and reach a wider range of customers. This move also highlights Ducati's commitment to growth and continued success as a leading motorcycle manufacturer in the industry.

“After closing our best year ever in 2022, we began 2023 with strong results that confirm a company strategy that is paying off with a great outcome. Based on these positive numbers, we continue working to achieve the best possible result, with the main goal to satisfy all passionate Ducatisti in our beautiful community,”

In the local market, Ducati has always had a reputation for being one of the best. Despite being one of the most expensive brands out there, the Italian brand consistently sells its bikes to enthusiasts more than willing to pay for the performance, legacy, and prestige the Ducati nameplate carries with it.

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