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Ducati PH officially launches 2017 SuperSport

Ducati’s SuperSport could be your next daily sportbike.

Ducati SuperSport

Ducati Philippines has officially launched the 2017 SuperSport, which is designed as an ideal everyday sportbike.

Powered by a twin-cylinder 937cc engine the delivers 113 hp and 97 Nm of torque, the Ducati SuperSport is ready to take on the daily city ride and weekend road trips. Of note, the Ducati SuperSport S variant comes with a 6-speed auto up/down transmission.

In terms of the design, the bike is characterized by sharp lines and dynamic shapes, which gives the SuperSport a sporty yet elegant design. The headlights are integrated with sharp-looking LED daytime running lights and Ducati claims that the bike has an ergonomic riding position. Speaking of the latter, the SuperSport’s construction is said to allow the rider and passenger to “adopt a comfortable, relaxed driving position."

Ducati added that the SuperSport features an intelligent frame configuration, which managed to keep the wet weight down to around 210 kg. The bike manufacturer also claims that the SuperSport has “superb” chassis geometry that results into good handling on both city streets and mountain twisties. In addition, the bike is equipped with Ducati Safety Pack, which is composed of Bosch anti-lock braking system and traction control.

Of note, the SuperSport has 3 riding modes (Sport, Touring, and Urban). This advanced electronic equipment allows the rider to personalize the bike’s performance and ensure “maximum enjoyment whatever the riding conditions."

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