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Ducati dedicates an entire pop-up store to the Multistrada V4 in France

This pop-up is as dedicated as Ducatistas are to the brand.

La Galerie by Ducati

We’ve seen Ducati stores pop up from time to time, but rarely do we get brands doubling down on a popup store for just one model. The Italian brand is doing just that for its flagship sport-tourer, the Ducati Multistrada V4

Equipped with the brand’s latest and greatest tech and safety features, as well as Ducati’s newest V4 engine, the sport-tourer is one of the best models in the market for long-distance riding on paved roads. It’s not surprising to see the legions of fans clamouring to get their hands on what is Ducati’s best sport-tourer to date. 

La Galerie by Ducati Multistrada V4 France

Hence the pop-up in Paris. The store is located at 32, Place de la Madeleine in Paris' 8th arrondissement, and the temporary venue named "La Galerie by Ducati." Patrizia Cianetti, the Marketing and Communications Director for the Ducati brand stated that: 

"The pop-up store project expresses Ducati's desire to experiment with new forms of interaction with its fans and to create more and more opportunities to meet the public. "La Galerie by Ducati", in particular, enhances in a prestigious context the features and versatility of the Multistrada V4 taking inspiration from an art gallery. The installation is designed not only to make Ducatisti dream, but also to prepare them for their next adventure."
La Galerie by Ducati France

The exhibition caters to riders’ sense of adventure, showcasing the many highlights of multiple men and women who’ve heeded the call to adventure. The showcase also highlights the many journeys that these Ducatistas have taken on. Whether brand ambassadors, journalists, experts, or even beginners, the “La Galerie by Ducati” is dedicated to all the men and women who’ve opted to share their personal stories to the world with the brand that enables exciting rides, and makes the Ducati Multistrada V4. 

If you want to visit the location, plan a trip before mid-January, 2022. It’s open to the public from now to the middle of the first month of the year. 

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