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Could Yamaha be working on a Ténéré 300 in the future?

If you want a Ténéré 300 really bad, it could come.

Yamaha Tenere 700

The direction that adventure bikes have been going for the past couple of years has been going for bigger and bigger while becoming more technical. Nowadays, it seems that manufacturers are keener on going the opposite way and introducing us to smaller machines in the hopes of getting more people into adventure riding. The middleweight adventure segment has not been short of choices with the KTM 790 Adventure, the Moto Guzzi V85 TT, and of course the Yamaha Ténéré 700. However, after KTM released its even smaller adventure bike, the 390 Adventure, people started taking even more notice of the little off-roader. Could Yamaha respond with a small-displacement Ténéré 300 added to their lineup?

Undoubtedly, when the Ténéré 700 was first released, people were ogling over Yamaha’s new middleweight adventure offering. However, it was more than just a looker, it could take the abuse of rugged terrain and deliver superb performance. So when Yamaha was asked the question of the chances of adding a smaller version of the Ténéré into their lineup, it looks like the chances are a lot better than we anticipated. 

Yamaha Tenere 700

A recent press gathering with Yamaha for the test riding of the new Yamaha MT-03, one of the journalists presented questions revolving around the possibility of a Ténéré 300. Fabrizio Corsi, Communications Manager for Yamaha Italy, was present during the event and answered by pointing to the attention that smaller adventure bikes like the  BMW G 310 GS and KTM 390 Adventure received when they were first released. He also added that if the Yamaha customer base wants a similar model from Team Blue, they are ready to heed the call. 

While the answer is still a little bit vague, and nothing is concrete about their plans, one thing is clear, Yamaha is open to the possibility and that is good news. They already have the YZF-R3 and the MT-03 as a truly capable platform. The introduction of a Ténéré 300 into their lineup would pretty much give them a trifecta of 300 cc motorcycles which is a very promising idea. Yamaha’s bread and butter in our country have always been its smaller machines. While we are yet to see the Ténéré 700 land into our shores, and we would love to have it in their showrooms, a smaller displacement adventure option would make an even better proposition for riders looking to dip into the world of adventure riding with Team Blue. 

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