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Could we see a more modern Rusi Classic 250 in the future?

GPX just unveiled its new Legend 250, otherwise known as the base for the local Rusi Classics in the Philippines.

GPX Legend 250

Old is back, and a lot of brands are capitalizing on the rather stylish trend of old designs with new bits. More and more neo-retro motorcycles are finding their way into the showrooms of many brands in the world, and even old bikes are getting new life breathed into them thanks to many custom shops and builders that have a passion for everything vintage.

Now, if the prospect of a cafe racer motorcycle excites you, an easier route would be to buy something brand new and modifying it from there. Yamaha and Honda have made waves with their XSR155, and the CB650R, respectively, but for those of us who are more budget-minded, GPX is a rather unknown brand that some of you in the community might recognize. 

GPX Legend 250 Unveiled

If you’re familiar with the cafe racer scene, you might be aware of the Rusi Classic 250, otherwise known as the RC 250, which is a contraction of its name. Those in the know might be familiar with GPX, a company out of China that makes the peculiar cafe racer that is sold in the Philippines. Rusi is a home-grown brand that rebadges products from China and sells them to the Philippine market, and the Classic 250 just so happens to share its roots with the GPX Legend, well, the old one at least. 

No word yet if the Philippine brand will bring in a new version of the Classic 250 based on the new GPX as it was just unveiled. However, we’re seeing a massive change in design across the board with some surprisingly premium additions. One could even speculate that it can go toe to toe with the Kawasaki W175. 

GPX Legend 250 Exhaust

You get an all-new tank, and seat, along with what appears to be a revised engine thanks to the much beefier cylinder head. On top of that, we’re also seeing an oil cooler in the front of the bike, which means that it could be making more power. It’s only passively cooled, which leads us to believe that it’s not a liquid-cooled unit. 

On top of the more neo styling, GPX also touts that it has modern amenities such as an LED headlight and an LCD panel that serves as its instrument cluster. You even get a set of inverted forks along with a set of dual front disc brakes and a single disc at the rear. As for power, it makes a whopping 15 hp out of its 234cc parallel-twin motor, we’re kidding of course. 

That being said, it might be interesting to see an actual parallel-twin Rusi Classic on the horizon. That is, of course, if Rusi Philippines ever gets the chance to bring this one in and price it just right for its market. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be surprised if we still get the same classic Classic as the sole cafe racer option in the lineup. 

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