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Could the Volcon Brat be the perfect rugged commuter for our busy urban streets?

This electric two-wheeler packs a lot of torque and a rugged design.

Volcon Brat

Electric off-road enthusiasts will undoubtedly recognize the brand Volcon. The firm takes pride in being a pioneer in the electric-powered off-road sector with products like the Stag UTV and the Grunt off-road electric motorcycle. Volcon is ready to enter the intensely competitive electric bicycle industry with its most current model, the Brat.

The demand for electric motorbikes has skyrocketed recently, and Volcon's Brat seeks to set new standards for off-road electric bikes while distinguishing itself from the well-established eMTB market. According to Volcon, the Brat is constructed similarly to a motorbike and features some of the manufacturer's well-known design cues, including the exo-arch structure from the Grunt and Stag models. In a formal news release, CEO Jordan Davis emphasized the business' off-road heritage and expressed enthusiasm about the brand's entry into the electric bicycle market.

“While our brand was built on the dirt, we have a passion for all things performance and the Brat meets our expectations. We set out to enter the market with not only a high-performance machine, but a bike that had style as well. The e-Bike market is saturated with lookalike products, and we believe the Brat stands out from the crowd in both looks and performance,”
Volcon Brat

The Brat has four riding modes that can handle anything from off-road excursions to comfortably navigating downtown traffic. These settings range from barely any pedal assistance to full throttle engagement. Furthermore, according to Volcon, the Brat can travel 70 miles on a single charge. The 48V battery in the Brat may be completely charged in six to seven hours using a regular home outlet. The electric motor on the Brat, which has a strong torque and a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, provides instant power for steep ascents and exciting acceleration.

The Brat continues Volcon's tradition of developing technology that is centered on the needs of the user. To begin with, it includes a color display with smartphone connectivity through a specific mobile app. The display also gives the user quick access to important data, like speed, remaining range, battery life, and total distance traveled. Regarding pricing, Volcon intends to beat rivals like Super73 with a rather reasonable price range starting at $2,799, or about P154,000. By November 2022, the first Brats are anticipated to reach retailers and customers.

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