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Chinese EV company Yadea invests in new production facility in Batangas

The company is looking to invest the equivalent of P56 billion in the new battery factory.

Chinese EV company Yadea invests in new production facility in Batangas

Yadea, a Chinese company that focuses on electric two-wheelers, offers a diverse range of models to accommodate the requirements of various commuters. Their collection primarily includes electric scooters, mopeds, and bicycles that are designed to provide practical and cost-effective mobility options. Yadea continues to make progress and has recently disclosed plans to invest around P56 billion in a new manufacturing plant located in Batangas, demonstrating their commitment to expansion and growth.

Despite the Philippines still being in the process of fully adopting electrification, there has been an increasing presence of electric scooters and bicycles on the country's roads. Additionally, there has been a notable development in the industry as California-based electric motorbike manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has partnered with the Ayala Corporation. This collaboration aims to manufacture electric motorcycles specifically for the Southeast Asian market.

Chinese EV company Yadea invests in new production facility in Batangas

Meanwhile, Yadea, being the emerging company that it is, currently operates six production facilities in China and one in Vietnam. These facilities are responsible for manufacturing Yadea's electric two-wheelers, catering to the domestic markets as well as exporting to neighboring countries. Establishing a presence in the Philippines offers significant opportunities for Yadea due to the country's high reliance on motorcycles for transportation. Furthermore, the Philippines has been actively implementing measures to attract direct foreign investment, such as reducing taxes and expediting permit processes, which further enhances the prospects for Yadea's expansion in the country.

Based on a Reuters report, Yadea has indicated its intention to submit a PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) application to establish a battery factory in Batangas, which is located approximately an hour's drive from Metro Manila. If approved and constructed, this battery facility by Yadea will not only meet the local demand but also serve the needs of nearby Asian countries. 

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