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Check out this zippy electric scooter by Yadea designed in cooperation with Porsche Design

An electric scooter of this performance level will surely make for a swift commuter in Metro Manila traffic.

Yade VF F200 electric scooter in partnership with Porsche Design

Electric motorcycles are particularly intriguing due to their immediate power delivery, which can be seen as a redeeming feature for performance-oriented enthusiasts. However, the current electric motorcycle market is primarily dominated by utility-focused scooters and commuter bikes, with a limited number of options available for enthusiasts.

One of the newest entrants into the electric scooter game is a new model from the Chinese brand Yadea. Recently unveiled, the VF F200 electric scooter is claimed to be the most powerful one available, and even more interestingly, it was designed with the help of the Porsche Design center in Stuttgart, Germany. While it has not been officially launched and information regarding its pricing and availability remains unknown, the details listed on its spec sheet are quite intriguing.

Yadea VF F200 Electric Scooter

According to Yadea, the F200 electric scooter will claim the title of the most powerful electric scooter in the L3e category, which includes electric scooters that offer performance similar to 125cc gas-powered counterparts. While performance is limited to comply with regulations, electric motors possess a clever advantage. Despite having a peak output of only 11 kilowatts (14.7 hp), the F200 delivers this power consistently across its entire rev range, unlike gas-powered machines that only achieve peak power at a specific point. As a result, the F200 feels much more powerful than its specifications suggest.

Additionally, Yadea highlights an impressive torque figure for the F200, with 236 Nm of torque available throughout the electric motor's rev range. What does this mean in practical terms? Well, it means that this compact scooter can accelerate from a standstill to 50 km/h in a swift 2.5 seconds. The scooter's top speed reaches 100 km/h, likely in accordance with licensing regulations. The F200 relies on a dual-battery pack located beneath the fairing, allowing for an approximate range of 120 km on a single charge.

While this is all cool and exciting, the likelihood of this electric scooter making its way to the Philippines, and at an affordable price point at that, is pretty slim. At present, Zeeho's AE8 electric scooter is the sole player in the full-sized scooter game, and at a price tag north of P200,000, it's beyond the reach of most scooter riders.

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