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Could the CAKE Makka be the ultimate electric commuter for the city?

A futuristic approach to the humble scooter.

CAKE Makka scooter

Swedish electric mobility company CAKE has been making waves all over the globe. , With two impressive electric two wheelers in the form of the Kalk enduro and Ösa scooter, the company has won a good number of awards for its design innovations and technological prowess. All these awards have indeed driven the company to innovate even further, and now shows no signs of slowing down. Because of this, CAKE has finally broken into the entry-level market with its most affordable model yet, the Makka. 

Retailing at the ballpark of $4,000, or the equivalent of P200,000, the CAKE Makka is by no means a cheap scooter. But that’s because it isn’t some low-tech rinky dink electric scooter. In fact, the Makka is a first-of-its-kind offering, in a sense that it could quite possibly be one of the most practical electric scooters to date. CAKE hopes that the Makka will pave the way for the future of personal mobility, and has painted a clear picture of the demographic of its would-be riders. Aimed squarely at the young, technology-minded, on-the-go generation, the Makka features a nifty modular setup, and can be outfitted with loads of accessories further boosting this scooter’s versatility. 

CAKE Makka

The Makka’s robust yet lightweight chassis gives the scooter a featherweight construction of just 132 pounds. To make things even better, luggage accessories such as racks, bags, and cases can be mounted on the frame. It can even carry heavy objects such as musical equipment and surfboards. 

“With cities and urban mobility changing faster than expected with cleaner and more efficient solutions, we have been eager to share the Makka: An urban short-haul vessel, compact in size and price, reaching a wide audience in the process of deciding what their future means of transportation will be.”

The Makka will be made available across the global market in two variants, namely, Flex and Range. The Flex offers a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, and is ideal for within-city use around crowded business districts. Meanwhile, the Range offers extend mileage of 56 kilometers on a single charge, however, is limited to a top speed of just 24 kilometers per hour. With the popularity of electric scooters skyrocketing across the globe, do you think techie electric scooters like the CAKE Makka stand a chance to usher in a new era of mobility in the Philippines? 

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