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This Chinese sportbike has a 400cc inline-four cylinder engine

Would you like to see the Kove 400RR sportbike on Philippine roads in the future?

Kove 400RR

The Chinese motorbike company Kove has only been in business since 2017, so you could say that it's a newbie to the two-wheeled world. This, however, didn't stop the business from announcing a variety of models during EICMA 2022 that were ostensibly for the European market. Nevertheless, EICMA was the perfect launchpad for making its presence known on the international arena. An adventure bike, rally/adventure bike, enduro, and sportbike were among the concept motorcycles the business displayed. 

Having said that, the 400RR has been formally launched by the firm, and it's certainly an interesting prospect. Right away, the 400cc, inline-four cylinder engine of the Kove 400RR puts it in a league of its own right now. Furthermore, the Kove 400RR has been released with the purpose of being sold in the worldwide market—a brave step by the Chinese startup—meaning that the Chinese manufacturer has beaten Kawasaki to the punch, since Team Green has yet to formally debut the eagerly awaited Ninja ZX-4R

Kove 400RR

The Kove 400RR's design is characteristic of most contemporary sportbikes. Although I'm quite sure a 400cc sportbike won't gain all that much from this sort of aero, it even has winglets on the front fairing. It also looks like there could be an intake duct at the front of the fairing, between the two headlights, although it's difficult to determine if this is only for aesthetic purposes. Furthermore, unlike the model displayed at EICMA, the Kove 400RR receives a standard dual-sided swingarm that appears to be constructed of aluminum rather than a sophisticated single-sided configuration.

The Kove 400RR has a 400cc, dual-overhead camshaft, inline-four cylinder engine with liquid cooling and fuel injection that is geared toward performance. The manufacturer asserts that the engine was internally designed and that it generates 21 lb-ft of torque at 12,000 rpm and 67 horsepower at 13,500 rpm. According to reports, the sportbike has a top speed of 220 kilometers per hour, and weighs just 158 kilos. Despite having laid out all of this information, Kove has not yet disclosed the model's price or release date.

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